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California jewelry store owners fight back a suspect in Trump mask – Times of India

According to a Fox News report, a Southern California jewelry store owner’s family battled back against a would-be smash-and-grabber who tried to rob the store while wearing a Donald Trump mask. The failed robbery occurred just before 2:30 pm Saturday at Meza’s Jewelry on Main Street in El Monte, according to FOX11 Los Angeles.
As per Fox News, surveillance video shows the man coming down the street with an empty cardboard box in his hand and a Donald Trump mask on.
The suspect then raced inside the store after spraying bear spray in the face of a man seated outside, according to the station. The suspect is shown on film destroying display cases with a hammer as the co-owners’ family races to stop him. During the fight, the suspect sprays the family with more bear spray.
The family, on the other hand, does not back down and is seen beating the suspect with what looks to be a stick and attempting to wrestle him to the ground.
The suspect eventually has his shirt pulled off and flees the store empty-handed. The culprit, who the owners said visited the store three weeks before, is still at large.

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