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Jump on these 10 smoking hot Labor Day household appliances sales

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With Labor Day comes one of the major sales events of the year. Take a look at these awesome household appliances on sale, from lifetime investments to quality party helpers, and cop yourself an item or two to turn that house of yours into a true home (and your Labor Day party into a true fiesta).

1. Weber Grill

Make your Labor Day barbecue session the envy of all neighbors. The Weber Grill is a five-star rated grill on Home Depot, which not only speaks to its quality but also its versatility, coming with a powerful burner and two side tables. The party has never smelled better.

Image credit: Home Depot

2. Rapid Ice Maker

Don’t let the party be interrupted by an ice run. The highly-rated ice maker is the perfect gift for Labor Day gatherings, fitting snugly on your countertop, and is currently on sale for nearly 50% off.

Image credit: Amazon

3. Coway Air Purifier

You won’t realize how awesome this purifier is until your house is filled with barbecue-smelling fumes in the Labor Day aftermath. The Coway Air Purifier is a fan favorite now on sale for 20% off.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Refrigerator

This fingerprint-resistant Whirlpool refrigerator boasts a built-in water-filtration system and plenty of shelf space side by side: frozen on one side, and normal foods on the other. Get it now at nearly 30% off during Home Depot’s Labor Day sale.

Image credit: Home Depot

5. Samsung Dishwasher

Don’t skimp on household sanitation. The Samsung dishwasher is one of the highest-rated dishwashers on the market, clearing out stubborn stains and keeping a low volume so your children won’t wake up crying during those midnight washes. At nearly 40% off, this is the dishwasher deal that will last you a lifetime.

Image credit: Home Depot

6. Le Creuset Dish

Le Creuset and sale? There is no better combo, with prices slashed by nearly 40% for this beautiful stoneware platter with a lid, for all your oven or salad needs.

Image credit: Amazon

7. LG Electric Cooktop

Ah, LG, what would the world do without your technology? The LG Electric Cooktop is trusted by many households thanks to its affordable price and stupendous quality. Remember that Home Depot price matches any other offers, including shipping, so get this awesome 20% deal right here, right now.

Image credit: Home Depot

8. Power Scrubber

A power scrubber is one of those “once-you-have-it” items that completely change the way you clean. Be it your car, your bathroom floor, or your window sill, power those stains away with the electrifying (no pun intended) electric spin scrubber, now at 30% off.

Image credit: Amazon

9. Portable Grill

Press that panini and hash browns with this awesome George Foreman electric grill. Double your Labor Day barbecue fun with some small sides.

Image credit: Walmart

10. Bissell Mop-and-Steam Vacuum

An absolute winner, the high-tech mop-and-steam Bissell vacuum saves space, wipes floors, and clears out bacteria, keeping that new hardwood floor of yours fresh and those pesky pet hairs out of the way. Get them now while they’re 30% off.

Image credit: Amazon

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