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Large fire destroys Dorchester home, spreads to other triple-deckers nearby

Boston firefighters have responded to a blaze in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood that has spread to several nearby triple-deckers on a hot Labor Day.

The Boston Fire Department is on scene at 37 Holiday Street, where the rear porches collapsed and fast-moving flames extended to the building next door and behind, prompting a call for more mutual aid.

At least one home was completely destroyed, and at least one firefighter suffered a minor injury, the fire chief told an NBC10 Boston crew on scene.

The heavy fire has been knocked down in all three buildings, according to the fire department. The scene remains very active, with a number of ladder trucks still there.

There was no immediate word on what caused the fire.

Residents tell NBC10 Boston they heard what sounded like an explosion, and people started running out of their homes. It appears all tenants got out safely.

“My son had just left to go tot he mall and I was taking a nap. The dog was in the cage at the end of the bed and she started barking really crazy and that’s what woke me up,” one woman said. “Then I could hear like the people upstairs, like footsteps, like somebody was running, it just sounded chaotic, I didn’t know what it was.”

More than 30 residents have been displaced.

The fire department is expected to give more details later Monday.

This story will be updated when we get more information

The Boston Fire Department responded to Holiday Street in Dorchester on Monday afternoon.

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