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Charlestown residents see uptick in ‘porch pirates’ stealing packages

Neighbors in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood are reporting an uptick in porch pirates stealing packages.

On Wall Street, two neighbors shared doorbell camera footage with NBC10 Boston, appearing to show the same woman walking down the street, swiping boxes left outside their doors.

On Franklin Street, resident Melissa Reardon said she caught someone swiping her J.Crew order off her stoop in broad daylight.

“We have the Blink camera and I looked back through my footage, and I found that that one was missing,” explained Reardon. “I feel like this is off the beaten path. It’s not like someone would just be walking by here unless they were seeking out looking for packages.”

In a dead-end alley off of Bunker Hill Street, resident Barbara Augusta said Monday that she has been finding empty boxes that have been ripped open and discarded.

“This is literally what happens. They just leave everything,” she said, holding a box. “Something for a new baby. It’s kind of sad.”

Thieves are eyeing your packages and looking to get away with a quick score. We have tips on how to keep your deliveries safe from porch pirates.

Augusta explained that the shipping labels indicate the boxes belong to addresses all over town, making it clear they were taken.

In the past two days, she said she’s found five.

“It’s really been on an uptick, and it’s not just one. I’m finding them when I walk my dog.”

Augusta added that she too was a victim about three weeks ago, causing her to install frosted storm doors so people cannot see inside.

“It’s an interesting time and it’s a sad time,” she said. “And everybody is telling everyone else when they find a package so at least you can report it as stolen. But what are you going to do?”

NBC10 Boston reached out to Boston police on Labor Day about the thefts. We are waiting to hear back about how law enforcement is responding.

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