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Artist creates impressive sculpture of popular UK landmark – by only using sugar

A giant sculpture of London’s iconic Tower Bridge has been created – made entirely from sugar.

The stunning artwork, of one of the UK’s most popular landmarks, was painstakingly put together using more than 25kg of sugar – which is the equivalent of nearly 100,000 calories.

Unlike the original, which took eight years to build, the stunning replica took over 150 hours to make and includes features such as the two towers and the open-air walkway.

The sculpture features delicately crafted windows, doors and suspension rods – standing at nearly two-and-half-feet tall.

Artist Michelle Wibowo began by studying the bascule and suspension bridge architecture and sketched designs of the different features, before building the nation’s favourite bridge.

The sculpture was commissioned by Kellogg’s, as part of its ‘Reductive Art Exhibition – a story of salt and sugar’ to showcase its commitment to reducing salt and sugar – 18 percent and 23 percent respectively – from its cereals over the last 10 years.

Wibowo said: “The idea of an exhibition comprising works made entirely out of salt and sugar sounded really exciting, so I jumped at the chance to create this piece for the show.

“It was really fascinating researching the design history around Tower Bridge, which surprisingly isn’t as old as some people may think.

“I hope people will enjoy taking a closer look at the sculpture when they visit the show and spotting some of the details from the real bridge.”

The free exhibition, which will be held in London and Paris, opens on 8th and 9th September at gallery@oxo.

The one-of-a-kind experience is open for a limited time and will include a variety of sugar and salt sculptures, salt sketches and salt animations.

These have been created by an array of well-known artists including Quentin Devine, Gala Bell, Bashir Sultani and Tim Simpson.

Speaking about the exhibition a spokesperson from the cereal brand, added: “We’re committed to helping people make healthier choices in the morning, and we wanted to create a really visual expression of this, which is how our Reductive Art Exhibition has come to be.

“Over the last decade, we have worked hard to continually improve our recipes, and to ultimately give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

“We’re pleased to have reduced salt and sugar across all our cereals, and have done so without incorporating artificial sweeteners, ultimately keeping the great taste of our products that our shoppers know and love.”

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