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Buffs fans will sell you tickets if you don’t root for the Cornhuskers

PAGOSA SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) – Jodi Bunn bleeds black, gold and silver. So you can imagine her excitement over the weekend as she watched the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team upset nationally-ranked Texas Christian University.

“Those final ticks of the clock, I burst into tears. I had to excuse myself,” Bunn told FOX31.

Her family has held season tickets in Boulder for 71 years. Her grandparents first purchased them in 1952, and her parents bought more in the 1960s.

They’ve been in the bleachers through good seasons and bad, and they’ve witnessed plenty of games that had them seeing red.

“My entire life going to Folsom, it always turns into Lincoln,” Bunn said, referencing the countless matchups at the Buffs home stadium in which Nebraska Cornhuskers fans traveled and turned the stadium red.

This year, ahead of Saturday’s nationally televised home opener between the two teams, she’s doing something about it.

“We won’t sell to anybody that we don’t know 100 percent is going to be in those seats cheering on our Buffs,” Bunn said.

She and her husband paid nearly $2,000 for six extra tickets to the game. Now they’re trying to sell a few of the seats, with one caveat: Nebraska fans need not inquire.

“It disappoints me when, you know, our crowd sells out and it turns into this sea of red,” she said.

Even at $330 per ticket, Bunn says she’d rather lose the money than sell to a Cornhuskers fan. She’s even prepared a quiz for potential buyers, to put their Buffaloes knowledge to the test. On it, questions like “Can you sing CU’s fight song?” and “When did Ralphie make his first run?”

She said she already has some potential buyers, but the tickets haven’t sold yet.

“You have to be a Buffalo to get those tickets,” Bunn said.

And if a Cornhuskers fan somehow fools her and gets ahold of the seats, be warned, she’ll be sitting just a few rows away, watching to see which team the buyer cheers for.

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