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Labor Day traffic not as busy as expected for travelers

Labor Day weekend is predicted to be the third busiest holiday weekend of the year so far, behind Father’s Day and Presidents Day. However, airports and freeways weren’t as busy and crowded as expected on Monday. 

At John Wayne airport, there were very light crowds getting on and off planes, and some travelers even said that the planes were not full. 

“I came in from Honduras, I had a layover in Houston to Santa Anna, and there was no traffic,” said Booker Robinson, a Labor Day traveler. “It was smooth sailing. The planes were half full.”

Northbound traffic in Orange County seemed to be free-flowing on Monday, despite the holiday weekend. However, some travelers in San Diego County and Camp Pendleton told KTLA that there was heavy traffic and major slow downs in the area. 

For Labor Day weekend, the average gas price in California is approximately $5.30, $0.10 higher than it was last year. AAA predicted that the roads would be busy for the holiday weekend. The freeways were busy on Friday, but traffic has since lightened on Monday. 

As it gets later in the evening, travelers can expect an increase in traffic from the San Diego area coming into Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties.

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