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Canadian students kick off new school year with climate change, AI top of mind – National |

Many students are likely feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement Tuesday as they begin another school year.

With disruptive pandemic measures seemingly behind them, parents and educators say a new crop of issues may affect classroom learning this year, including AI technology, affordability and climate change.

While across much of the country it’s set to be a first day of school like any other, those in parts of Canada ravaged by wildfires return to a much different landscape.

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Return to school more expensive this September

The government of British Columbia has said no schools were damaged by the fires that tore through parts of the province, but that doesn’t mean students will be unaffected.

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The flames passed close by some schools in Kelowna, B.C., leaving destruction in their wake.

For residents of Yellowknife, however, summer break has been extended.

Typically, students would have returned to their classrooms on Aug. 28, but the city is still under an evacuation order as fires continue their burn, so school will have to wait.

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