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Drag Race Germany viewers blown away by season one budget

Drag Race Germany season one lineup

The first season of Drag Race Germany is officially underway and viewers are already hooked.

Featuring 11 queens from across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the latest international Drag Race franchise is hosted by performer and model Barbie Breakout.

When the series premiered on Tuesday (5 September), fans were glued to their screens to get a look at contestants Barbie Q, Kelly Heelton, LéLé Cocoon, Loreley Rivers, Metamorkid, Nikita Vegaz, Pandora Nox, Tessa Testicle, The Only Naomy, Victoria Shakespears, and Yvonne Nightstand.

And while most viewers are already gagged by the levels of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent on their screens, some were a little distracted by Drag Race Germany’s budget.

TVs around the world were paused and rewound when Barbie Breakout announced that the winner of Drag Race Germany would walk away with a cash prize of €100,000.

Of course, Germany isn’t the only franchise offering its queens a chance to win such a huge wad of cash.

While Canada’s Drag Race presents its winner with CAD$100,000, the US’s original RuPaul’s Drag Race upped its prize fund to $150,000 just last year.

But the European Drag Race franchises haven’t been as flashy with their prize money.

The winner of Drag Race Belgium takes home €20,000, Drag Race Holland’s champ gets a cash prize of €15,000, and Drag Race Espana offers a chance to win €30,000.

France and Italy’s winners don’t get any prize money at all, but instead walk away with a crown and scepter.

And those who take part in the UK competition don’t win any prize money at all.

That’s why fans were so shocked to see Drag Race Germany advertising such a large sum of money – especially in their first season.

“Drag Race Germany is giving out the prize [money] babyyy! the rest of the international seasons NEED to take note #DragRaceGermany,” tweeted one fan after starting the new series.

“The prize money for #DragRaceGermany is 100,000 euros, it’s what the Queens deserve!”, raved a second.

And another shook viewer commented: “100,000 EUROS!? HELLO!? GERMANY SAID BUDGET #DragRaceGermany.”

Basically, what fans are trying to say is: ‘Germany, shantay, you stay!’

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