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Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham reveals secret boyfriend saying she prefers ‘real’ blokes to celebs

EMMERDALE star Rosie Bentham has revealed that she has a secret boyfriend and prefers “real blokes” to celebs.

The actress, who has played Gabby Thomas since 2016, told The Sun that she has recently began dating someone new.

Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham has revealed she has a secret boyfriend


Emmerdale’s Rosie Bentham has revealed she has a secret boyfriendCredit: Getty
The Gabby Thomas actress said she prefers 'real blokes' instead of celebs


The Gabby Thomas actress said she prefers ‘real blokes’ instead of celebsCredit: ITV

Rosie, who splits her time between her family home in Nottingham and her flat in Leeds near the Emmerdale set, insists she prefers “real” blokes rather than fellow celebs.

She exclusively told us: “I would say that I’m getting to know someone at the moment but I’m very private when it comes to my love life.

“I’m only 22 and things can go wrong pretty quickly at my age, so we’re just taking things slowly. We’re all finding our way.

“It’s very important to keep your barriers up when meeting people because you never know what their true intentions are.

“I’ve always been quite cautious when it comes to love and have never dated anyone in the public eye.

“The guy I’m getting to know is just a normal guy.”

Rosie finds it funny that people assume she is just like Gabby in real life, and said: “She’s out there and up for anything, whereas I am not like that at all.

“When people first meet me they think I’m this ‘ready to give everything to everyone’ kind of girl, but I’m like, ‘No, you’ve got to try a lot harder than that with me, you can’t just walk through the door’.

“If that was Gabby she’d be raring to go and be like, ‘Come on then, let’s go upstairs’, which is obviously a lot of fun to play, but I’m nothing like that.

“I’m always very well behaved on a night out.”

Even so, Rosie has no qualms about filming her character’s raunchier scenes, explaining: “They really aren’t that sexy to film. It’s more about the practicality of the kiss and making sure you get the camera angle right.

“I can safely say that I’ve never banged heads with anyone during a kissing scene, but it does happen.

“You can request an intimacy co-ordinator but I’ve never needed one.

“When you’re working that closely with someone you become really good mates.

“It’s never weird or awkward, because you’re working with them every day and it’s just part of the job.”

Rosie's character has been unlucky-in-love on the ITV soap


Rosie’s character has been unlucky-in-love on the ITV soapCredit: ITV

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