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Enjoying the last days of summer at Indian Ladder Farm

ALTAMONT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After Labor Day, it will also mean the unofficial start of fall activities like pumpkin and apple picking. Despite the heat, many chose to venture out to Indian Ladder Farm Cider and Brewery to enjoy the last days of summer.

Donna Merrill, Events Coordinator, said the farm was non-stop all weekend.

“We had a wedding on Saturday, we had a shower on Sunday, followed by kid’s birthday parties. Picklepalooza on Saturday and apple picking today, and we have been full…maximum…every seat in the house taken,” Merrill said.

It was taken by those who wanted to grab some apple cider and other drinks.

“I was a little excited for fall. So the 90 degrees, I’m not really all that into,” Olivia Rizzo said. “But yeah, it’s nice.”

While the heat hasn’t affected the apples or other crops, Dietrich Gehring, Co-owner of Indian Ladder Farm Cider and Brewery, said the rain can impact the hops, which do well in hot and dry climates.

“But we’ve been having a lot of rain,” he said. “And hops, although they like a lot of water… to service this plant to 18 feet high, they have to have a lot of water; they don’t like to be wet.”

In the meantime, the farm is working with Cornell Agritech to help with the hops production and planning a hops fest and other fall events in the upcoming weeks.

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