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One does not imagine that in Barcelona there can be libraries as spectacular as the García Márquez. And less in a working-class neighborhood like La Verneda. It is to cross the doors of this facility located between Carrer del Treball and Concili de Trento and enter directly into an oasis of books distributed in a diaphanous space of six floors bathed in natural light that enters through huge windows. The ceilings and the shelves are made of wood. There are even plants! Everything neat and well cared for. What a pleasure to pick up a good book and revel in it in a comfortable armchair or a hammock with free air conditioning! Are you sure I’m not in a Swedish library? Well no.

Barcelona, ​​and especially the residents of this beautiful venue in the Sant Martí district, can feel very proud. “The neighborhood is very happy. We have announced the award over the public address system and we have celebrated it with cava”, comments Ana Rodríguez, librarian. She says that about 1,100 daily visitors pass through here. Of all ages and nationalities. Among them I run into Borja and Blas, two young Chilean brothers who set foot in these facilities for the first time. “We didn’t know about the prize and we think it’s great. It is a very beautiful place”.


Library patrons yesterday afternoon

Ana Jimenez

Jordana, a 24-year-old Brazilian, has been coming for three months. “She is fantastic, pretty and nice. And she is close to home”. Berta, 16, has opted for Algú com tu, by Roald Dahl. “Here I can read calmly and I’m cool.” There are also those who take advantage of the calm of the place to take a nap, right next to the corner dedicated to the cartoonist Ibáñez. I look at the bust of a smiling Gabriel García Márquez. In the background, two girls are engrossed with their respective copies. “Gabo would be happy,” Laura, a middle-aged Colombian, assures me. I do not doubt it.

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