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Dramatic rescue in Hollyoaks amid Charlie suicide attempt

Darren and Tony take Charlie to safety in Hollyoaks

Charlie was dragged from the sea by ‘real dad’ Darren and Tony in emotional Hollyoaks scenes after he attempted to take his own life(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) was dragged from the sea in Hollyoaks by Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) and Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) after attempting to take his own life on Monday (September 4).

The teen, as viewers know, has struggled significantly with his mental health over the past year, with a number of particularly difficult ordeals having left him feeling isolated, alone and overwhelmed by anxiety.

Darren has been seriously worried about his son, not knowing what to do to help, with scenes last month seeing him resorting to spiking his food with anxiety medication, which he subsequently acknowledged was a poor decision.

Charlie felt betrayed by such an act and thus acquired a lock for his bedroom in a bid to keep the outside world out. Darren, however, was worried sick about his son and therefore he obtained entry to the room and was left stunned by the dark song lyrics plastered over the wall.

Monday’s first look outing of the Channel 4 soap, which aired on E4, picked up the following day, with Charlie donning his uniform, preparing to go to school for his first day back.

Harsh words were exchanged between the father and son duo, with Charlie exiting soon afterwards. Tony, meanwhile, offered Darren some friendly advice after taking a look at Charlie’s song lyrics, suggesting that they might be a cry for help.

Darren on the phone in Hollyoaks

Darren grew concerned about Charlie and thus called him from Shing Lin’s phone (Picture: Lime Pictures)
Charlie reminisced about happier times with Darren, as he said a veiled goodbye to him over the phone(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Charlie, having suffered another panic attack on his way to school, reconsidered going in, instead making his way to the beach, where he sent Shing Lin Leong (Izzie Yip) a photograph of his surroundings.

Shing Lin showed the snap to a fearful Darren, who had become increasingly worried about his son’s whereabouts.

In emotional scenes, Charlie walked torwards the sea (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Urging Shing Lin to call Charlie, knowing he’d pick up for her, Darren took the phone and spoke directly to his son, who reminisced with him about happier times from his childhood as he stared out into sea.

Darren urged Charlie to come home. Charlie, however, responded by revealing that he’d left him a message – before killing the call. Darren and Tony, spooked by the phone call, jumped in a car and hightailed it to the beach.

Charlie rescued by Tony and Darren in Hollyoaks

Darren and Tony rushed to the beach to rescue Charlie (Picture: Lime Pictures)
Charlie left a message for Darren on the beach (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Charlie, meanwhile, walked into the water as viewers saw a series of happy memories play through his mind – all of which featured his beloved dad Darren.

‘You’ve been there all my life Darren’, said Charlie in a flashback scene, ‘You’re my real dad.’

Darren proved his love for Charlie once again soon afterwards, as he raced into water with Tony by his side in highly emotional scenes, dragging Charlie back to dry land, where the trio collapsed onto the beach.

As the camera panned out, we could see the words: “I’m Sorry” written in the sand – the message Charlie had left for his dad.

Hollyoaks continues Tuesday September 6 at 7pm on E4 or stream the next episode from midnight on All4.

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