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Identical twins have worn matching outfits every day for 23 years: ‘It’s creepy’

They’re doubling their wardrobe.

A pair of identical twin sisters took their uncanny appearances the extra mile, coordinating their outfits every day for the last two decades.

Rosey Coles and Kathy Heffernan, both 69, spend every day with each other and have dressed the exact same for 23 years.

Not only are the Aldershot, Hampshire, sisters next-door neighbors, but they also take bus rides, go for walks, grab a coffee and hit the mall together — all while wearing matching outfits.

“When we go out, we wear the same things,” Coles, a mom of two, told Southwest News Service. “For the last 23 years, we’ve been together most days.”

Even when the pair go on vacations together, they ensure their suitcases are stuffed with identical outfits, and plan to match for the rest of their lives.

Heffernan likened it to “being married to someone for 70 years,” except they “don’t argue.”

Identical twins
The sisters are inseparable, even living next door to each other.

Twin sisters in striped dresses
After separating from their husbands, the sisters spent more time together and even moved nearby.

Twin sisters in yellow dresses
Together, they run errands, go shopping and hit the town — buying new outfits for special occasions.

“We both have the same glasses. We wear our hair the same way,” said Heffernan, who noted they even have the same pajamas.

Strangers will often stop the pair for a photo, said Heffernan, and people often have difficulty differentiating who’s who.

“We are very similar, it’s creepy,” said Coles.

The sisters often wore the same clothes while growing up, but their matching came to an end when they got married in the ’70s as adults and no longer lived nearby.

Sisters in identical white tank tops
The pair even wear the same clothing on vacations.

Sisters in matching white outfits
Growing up, the siblings dressed alike but stopped once they moved away and got married.

But when they both separated from their husbands in 2000, they got the opportunity to move closer to one another, spurring their identical wardrobes.

In 2012, Coles and Heffernan, who even worked together at their cleaning business for over a decade, became next-door neighbors.

“We have exactly the same homes with the same layout and the same grey color scheme at the moment,” said Heffernan.

The inseparable shopaholics tout a wardrobe of more than 50 items of clothing, that include the same jeans, long dresses and coats. But their favorite outfits are ’50s-inspired frocks that feature petticoats.

Twin sisters in matching dresses
Their favorite outfits to wear are long dresses.

Twin sisters in matching red checkered dresses
“The wardrobe is packed tight,” Heffernan said.

Sisters in matching glittery silver dresses
They “can’t help” but buy new clothes for special occasions.

“We have so many clothes,” said Heffernan, who admitted she dropped more than $700 on three dresses the other day. “We always go to the shop and see something we like.”

They “can’t help” but purchase new clothes ahead of special occasions or an evening out together, she added.

“The wardrobe is packed tight,” Heffernan said.

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