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Internet obsessed with angry dog who was woken up “too early”

Social media users have been left in stitches by a dog’s relatable reaction after being disturbed and getting woken up much earlier than he’d have liked.

When Ralph, the 11-year-old rescue dog, gets woken up “too early” by his owner, he isn’t afraid to show her his frustration with a menacing glare. Ralph may look incredibly fluffy and gentle, but don’t be fooled, as he will certainly make his feelings known when he’s woken up at a time that doesn’t suit him.

The video was shared by Ralph’s owner on his very own TikTok account (@goodboyralphh) on August 29, and it’s already been viewed more than 6.4 million times. With over 1.3 million likes on the viral clip, TikTok users can’t get enough of the senior dog’s angry facial expression when he’s cranky.

Just like humans, the amount of sleep needed by any dog varies depending on their age, breed and health. It’s thought that dogs will sleep for an average of 12 hours in a 24-hour cycle, according to the website PetMD. Puppies and senior dogs may typically need more sleep, while working dogs often need less sleep than average.

Shih Tzu trying to sleep
A stock image of a Shih Tzu refusing to wake up. Internet users have loved seeing Ralph’s reaction after his owner disturbed his sleep too early.
PongMoji/Getty Images

Many dog owners may observe their snoring pup and wonder what could possibly make them so tired, but sleep is hugely important for any dog. Puppies and young dogs are non-stop during their waking hours, which means they need plenty of rest at night to ensure they can continue keeping their owners on their toes.

As for senior dogs, sleep helps their body to recover from daily activities, so they need all the rest they can get.

Judging by Ralph’s facial expression, he may not be a morning dog, since he “gets angry if you wake him up.”

While Ralph’s loving owner regularly shares adorable clips of him, and he’s even gained a huge following on TikTok, she has learned the hard way that mornings aren’t a great time for him. Writing on TikTok, his owner joked that “if looks could kill,” and there’s little doubt that Ralph’s angry face could.

The post has received over 2,300 comments in a matter of days, as many TikTok users lauded Ralph’s hatred of the morning.

One comment reads: “Me every morning if someone disturbs my sleep.”

Another person responded: “Me before I have my morning coffee.”

“Such a cutie with an attitude,” joked another TikTok user.

Newsweek reached out to @goodboyralphh via email for comment. We could not verify the details of the video.

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