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MSNBC Hosts Can’t Stop Laughing At ‘Desperate’ Ted Cruz’s Most Cringe Moment Yet

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan and Ayman Mohyeldin called out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) for a “cringe” TV appearance where he sipped a beer angrily and said anyone who suggested that people limit themselves to two alcoholic drinks per week can “kiss my ass.”

Hasan said Cruz is “more desperate for attention than any human being since perhaps the rise of Paris Hilton,” and pointed out that his entire claim is “nonsense.”

The guidelines for alcohol, which currently suggest a limit of two drinks per day for men and one for women, aren’t changing anytime soon. If and when they do, they’ll remain only guidelines and people would still be able to drink however much they wanted, Hasan noted.

“It’s like the whole ‘they’re coming for your gas stoves’ thing. It’s a manufactured story to rile up the base,” Hasan said. ”It’s another reminder that no one has more contempt for the Republican base than Republican politicians like Ted Cruz.”

Mohyeldin called it “cringe” and said it reminded him of the time Cruz released a video showing him cooking bacon on a machine gun and eating a tiny piece of it with a plastic fork.

“He’s always clamoring for attention, he’s always clamoring for relevance,”Mohyeldin said. “He feigns outrage. He pretends to be a tough guy.”

Yet Cruz wasn’t tough enough to stand up to Donald Trump, who “humiliated” Cruz by insulting him, his wife and his father.

“What does Ted Cruz do after all of that? He ends up campaigning for Donald Trump,” Mohyeldin said.

Check out their full conversation below:

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