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Nolte: WATCH — Looks Like Biden Dozed Off at Maui Victim Ceremony

His Fraudulency Joe Biden appears to have dozed off during a ceremony in Hawaii to honor the victims of that awful Maui wildfire.

See for yourself:

When he finally woke up, I was surprised he didn’t yell, “Bingo! I got Bingo!”

We know Biden wasn’t praying. Biden moves his lips when he prays, and you can always clearly see him mouthing the words, “Oh, Satan. Yay, Satan.”

How much rest does Joe Biden require? He’s been on vacation for a couple of weeks now. He flew to Hawaii on one of the most luxurious planes ever. There’s a comfortable bed, warm milk, and Matlock DVDs.

Maybe he’s still tired from saving his Corvette and cat from that “horrific” kitchen fire in 2004.

Listen, I know Biden is too old to be president or to be left alone with matches, but in this case, his advanced age is a weak excuse. Like it or not, Joe Biden is President of the United States, and what happened and is happening in Maui is an American tragedy. Over 100 Americans are confirmed dead, over 800 Americans are still missing, an American city is devastated, and this guy can’t be roused to pay attention and stay awake?

Although he’s doddering, he seems plenty aware of what’s going on when he’s out and about for an ice cream run. This tells me that whatever he has left in the tank that keeps him awake when he cares about something sure didn’t want to kick in during a ceremony honoring dead Americans. This tells me he didn’t and doesn’t care, which of course, comes as no surprise.

This isn’t the first time Biden has been caught dozing. In November 2021, he dozed off during some dumb climate conference in Scotland. So now we know that Biden has as much interest in dead Americans as he does in dull speeches about the weather.

Former president George W. Bush was condemned for his handling of Katrina. Most of that criticism was unfair, in my opinion, a way for the corporate media to protect the local Democrats who bungled everything they touched, but Bush never dozed off like this.

Nothing is more tiring than saying, “Imagine the fake media if Trump or Bush or any Republican was caught dozing off during a time like this.” Yes, at this point, that’s a dumb exercise, but look at this and this and this… Those links aren’t broken. There’s nothing about this in the media. Nothing. Not a sound, not a peep, just a 100 percent coverup.

Democrats sure got it good.

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