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Amber health alert issued across England as temperatures set to soar above 30C

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issued the amber warning as temperatures get set to reach 33C in parts of the UK. 

The warning is in place as the high temperatures could result in “significant impacts” on the health and social care sector and pose an increased risk to vulnerable people or those with health conditions.

The amber warning will be in place until Sunday, September 10 at 9pm.

What to expect from the amber weather-health warning

The UKHSA said the amber warning, which will impact most of England, was due to:

  • Significant impacts are probable across the health and social care sector due to the high temperatures;
  • An increase in the death rate across the population is likely, particularly in the 65+ age group or those with health conditions;
  • The warmer weather could also have an impact on younger age groups;
  • Increased demand for remote health care services likely;
  • Internal temperatures in care settings (hospitals and care homes) may exceed the recommended threshold for clinical risk assessment;
  • Impact on the ability of services to be delivered due to heat effects on workforce;
  • Many indoor environments are likely to experience overheating;
  • An increased risk to vulnerable people living independently as well as in care settings;
  • Medicines management issues;
  • Staffing issues due to external factors (e.g. transport);
  • The possibility of demand for temporary AC capacity being exceeded;
  • While there it is also likely other sectors will see impacts from the increased temperatures.

Weather overview in England for the rest of the week

The UKHSA works together with the Met Office to coordinate health advice around heat for England.

Looking ahead at the weather for the rest of the week, it said: “High confidence for a very warm or hot period in the coming days; with many places seeing a good deal of dry, fine and humid weather.

“Temperatures steadily increasing across most parts of the UK through the remainder of this week and probably into the weekend, with 31-32 degrees possible fairly widely in parts of central, southern and southeast with light winds, and perhaps locally 33 degrees. 

“Remaining very warm for many places into the start of next week, particularly the south and southeast. 

“Overnight temperatures also very warm through the week, perhaps tropical (>20C) for some urban areas of the south through midweek. 

“Uncertainty by the end of the week, with potential for a thundery breakdown from the west, expecially Frdiay and Saturday.”

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