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Drivers’ cars seized by police after they were caught not wearing their seatbelts

Officers from Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) traffic team caught the two drivers in the town yesterday evening, Monday, September 5.

However, after stopping both drivers for the seatbelt offence, they found that neither had insurance for their vehicles.

Both cars, a Peugeot 206 SW and a Mitsubishi Colt, were seized by the officers.

The Bolton News: The PeugeotThe Peugeot (Image: GMP)

The Mitsubishi was seized on Bradford Street. 

A spokesperson from GMP’s traffic team said: “Bolton: The driver of this Peugeot drew attention to himself by not wearing his seatbelt. He was stopped by RPU officers.

“Checks also revealed that he was uninsured. Driver reported, vehicle seized. Oops.”

The Bolton News: The Mitsubishi being seized on Bradford StreetThe Mitsubishi being seized on Bradford Street (Image: GMP)

Speaking later on that night, they said: “Bolton: Another driver stopped for not wearing their seatbelt by RPU officers. Another driver with no insurance. You could not make this stuff up! Driver reported, vehicle seized.”

This comes after it was announced by police that they are bringing in automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras across Greater Manchester, including Bolton.

Catching uninsured drivers is one of the jobs the cameras are being brought in to carry out, as well as locating missing people, those wanted for arrest, witnesses, stolen vehicles and uncovering cases of major crime, according to GMP.

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