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‘Exhausted’ Meghan ‘leans on pals for support’ as Prince Harry ‘concerned’

Meghan Markle is allegedly exhausted and has been leaning on friends for support in recent months, as her husband Prince Harry reportedly becomes concerned about her welfare.

Harry is allegedly “concerned” about the amount of stress Meghan is enduring. According to a relationship expert, Meghan is getting “emotional support from friends”.

Relationtionship expert Louella Alderson has said Meghan is leaning on her friends for support because of the “pressures she faces in her everyday life”.

The expert added that the exhaustion has reportedly come from intense “media scrutiny and public opinion” in the face of recent deals that have fallen through.

She was also spotted wearing an ‘anti-stress band’ in a recent picture posted online.

The expert told the Mirror: “The constant media scrutiny and public opinion can be exhausting and can take its toll. Plus, lots of Meghan and Harry’s deals have fallen through recently, so it’s no surprise that she has been leaning on her friends for support.

“When faced with challenges, friends can offer emotional and practical support. They can provide comfort, empathy, understanding and solidarity in difficult times. Friends can often offer unique perspectives that help us see things from different angles and come up with solutions that we may not have thought of on our own.”

Following the period of recent stress, Prince Harry has reportedly been worried about Meghan and according to an insider has been “imploring her to hang in there”.

The insider told Closer Magazine that the fact Meghan is using wellness patches “makes Harry even more concerned”.


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