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Ryan Gosling Is As Charming As Ever In Newly-Released I’m Just Ken Rehearsal Footage

If you’ve spent the last four weeks since Barbie’s release watching that show-stopping I’m Just Ken sequence, we’ve got a real treat for you.

Towards the end of the film, Ryan Gosling takes the lead on a musical number exploring his character’s insecurities, culminating in a choreographed dance routine and a battle scene between the men of Barbie Land.

I’m Just Ken has absolutely dominated TikTok, as well as racking up 22 million streams on Spotify and three million hits on YouTube.

The track has also peaked at number 13 in the UK singles chart – and if you feel like that might be all down to you, you might want to watch this newly-released rehearsal footage from the Kens’ big scene.

The behind-the-scenes video was shared on Atlantic Records’ YouTube page on Monday, and intersperses rehearsal footage with clips of the finished product.

In the candid videos, Ryan can be seen practising his moves with co-stars Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa and Scott Evans and laying down his vocals in a recording studio.

Greta Gerwig and Ryan Gosling share a laugh on the set of Barbie
Greta Gerwig and Ryan Gosling share a laugh on the set of Barbie

Additional footage shows him watching his performances back on set, and cracking up alongside Barbie director Greta Gerwig

He can also be seen rehearsing the number in his comfies before getting into costume, with his decidedly un-Ken-like tattoos on display.

Ryan Gosling on the set of Barbie
Ryan Gosling on the set of Barbie

I’m Just Ken was written by Oscar-winning musician Mark Ronson, and features instrumental performances from Guns N Roses legend Slash, Josh Freese of Foo Fighters and Wolfgang Van Halen.

Mark previously admitted that he never expected the original song to make it into the Barbie movie, but when filmmaker Greta played it for Ryan, they were both insistent it should be included.

Barbie is still in UK cinemas now.

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