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SEAN HANNITY: It’s time for a history lesson


Fox News host Sean Hannity looks back on Democrats’ election interference claims on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Time for a “Hannity” history lesson. Top Democrats. They have attempted to interfere or discredit election results in every major race that they lost for the past two decades, even coming out and wanting electors replaced. How many of you didn’t remember that? And yet no Democrat has been charged with a single crime. Is that a dual justice system? Is that the weaponization of this Justice Department? Now the Trump campaign, they’re fighting back. A new 10-minute highlight reel showing a lot of this election interference. Let’s begin in 2000. Just a few of the examples on the tape all tweeted out and that will be included in this new film. 



So, apparently election denial is perfectly fine if you’re a Democrat in America, and election interference is fine if you’re a member of the federal government, as long as you’re going after Donald Trump. The weaponized, politicized DOJ has now blatantly and seemingly, especially with the FBI, and we all we know interfered in every presidential election starting in 2016 from propagating Hillary Clinton’s dirty Russian dossier to not holding her accountable for top secret classified documents, for the destruction of 33,000 subpoenaed emails with bleach bit and devices to destroyed with hammers and SIM cards removed and then of course 2020 pre-bonking the very real Hunter Biden laptop story.  


…To now be charging President Trump with dozens of obscure crimes, scheduling trials as the election is ramping up. They waited two and a half years and to build what? Till the beginning of the election to finally bring these cases to trial and they want to give the Trump team six months to prepare for four trials. Biden staffers even reportedly meeting with Special Counsel Jack Smith aides before Trump indictment. I thought the DOJ was supposed to be independent and someone explain that meeting to us. 

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