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Tell me a joke, IA | Entertainment | The USA Print
The future is always coming, even if it sometimes catches us off guard. It is worth being vigilant, moving forward. But beware of “fair charlatans” who talk about immortality or transhumanism, those who advocate that thanks to science and technology, we can become creatures far superior to humans. “What is this about us going to be cyborgs? The only implants people want are hair implants and they go to the gym to do squats to get a nice ass. That’s all we want. Long hair and a rounded ass, not cables and antennas”, the paleontologist and co-director of Atapuerca Juan Luis Arsuaga (Madrid, 1954) assured this Monday at the inauguration of the eighth edition of the Forum Edita Barcelona, ​​which is held until Wednesday under the motto the future that comes .

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